Royce Da 5’9 Says Cardi B Shouldn’t Have Won The Spirit Of Detroit, Is He Right?

This year has been a year of wins for Cardi B, but now, according to one of the most respected rappers in the game, she’s been given one victory she doesn’t quite deserve. Royce Da 5’9 noticed that Cardi won the Spirit of Detroit Award the other day and came forward with some pointed comments about his hometown just handing out a prestigious award to an out of towner.

“I love Cardi B just like everybody else,” Royce said in an Instagram video. “But Cardi B don’t know sh*t about the spirit of Detroit.” The 40-year-old’s complaints weren’t with Cardi, but with the city of Detroit, as he admonished the town for “goofy sh*t”and trying to be politically correct in a business that he says is not politically correct.

“This record industry does not care about Detroit,” he said. “Where you think the no fly zone came from? Where you think Detroit vs. Everybody came from? If we don’t put action behind those words, they’re just letters on a shirt. Nothing more than letters on a shirt.”

Royce isn’t alone in his assessment either, as he suggested the city give the award to a local artist like Kash Doll, who coincidentally, spoke on Cardi winning the award as well. “Nothing against her I just thought u had to put work in the city to get it like other artist in Detroit,” she said on Twitter while noting that she’d already won the award previously.

Royce continued, saying Cardi winning “took some of the oomph out of” his own Spirt of Detroit award. “We got to start looking out for our own artists,” he said. “That’s the only way we’ll start moving as a city.”

Check out Royce’s video below.

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“The Spirit of Detroit”

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