Russ Offers A Catchy Crossover Hit With ‘We Just Haven’t Met Yet’

09.14.16 3 years ago


“Like that you got good brains, morals and that it’s not all in the ass”

Considering “We Just Haven’t Met Yet” is already at 125,000 plays and has only been up for around 24 hours, Russ is already relatively blown up. He’s been dropping tracks on Soundcloud and regularly earning millions of plays for a year plus now, so saying this one could get him poppin’ would be doing an injustice to his clearly loyal fanbase. However, I do feel this lucid single has the potential to crossover bigger than any of his other records to date, taking his music well beyond his core audience.

Even though most of the rising ATLien’s songs are catchy, they attract ears with a somewhat repetitive style and relatively formulaic approach that can only go so far. “We Just Haven’t Met Yet” is far from the norm for Russ, replacing chant hooks with delicate waves of pandering love lyrics and his sharp, witty delivery with a soft and much more delicate singsong version that’s equally on point, but maybe even more catchy. Basically, the ladies are going to love this one and fellas’ are going to have a hard time pretending like they don’t. Hence, spins.

When Russ becomes the new body Drizzy in a year or so, don’t say we didn’t tell you he was coming.

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