Selena Gomez Shows Off What The Weeknd Meant By ‘Ass Shaped Like Selena’

Hey! Remember that time Selena Gomez said she was “tired of seeing your bodies on Instagram”? This was last November when she was accepting the American Music Award for Pop Rock Female of The Year. In her acceptance speech, Selena pointed to her heart and she said she wanted to see what was in “here” and that she was no longer seeking anyone’s validation. Well, what a difference two months makes because guess who’s on the ‘Gram and showing off the ass The Weeknd is writing songs about?

The former Disney kid is proving she has a booty worth penning lyrics about with a social media thirst trap. Photographer Mert Alas posted a picture of Selena chilling with nothing but a towel and a marigold lace thong. We can only guess the sexy picture is part of a photo shoot or maybe even album artwork because Mert Alas isn’t just randomly taking pictures of people for no good goddamn reason.

If the snap it is for an album, then we can also guess Selena is gearing up for the next era of her singing career. And if we’ve learned anything, there’s no publicity like ass and high-profile dating publicity. Let’s not forget the provocative picture also comes on the heels of those snaps of Selena making out with The Weeknd outside a popular paparazzi hangout.