Soulja Boy Reportedly Arrested After Cops Finally Catch Him With A Gun

Getty Image

Soulja Boy’s e-crime spree has reportedly come to an end. The rapper was arrested after the cops raided his home and found a gun, per a report by TMZ.

Police reportedly were led to Soulja’s Hollywood Hills home on Thursday based off “a Crime Stoppers tip” that the rapper had been making threats online with guns. Upon their search, they reportedly found at least one firearm — no word on whether it was the draco or the pink pistol he usually flaunts — which put SB in violation of his current probation stemming from a 2014 arrest involved, you guessed it, a loaded gun. He copped a plea deal on the charge but part of his probation included him not possessing any firearms.

Soulja Boy may blame snitches for turning him in but it’s not as if he hasn’t given police ample video evidence to work with. He seemed to have a very bad habit of taking to social media, posting clips of his various guns over the past several months. Luckily for him, one of his weed carriers logged into his Instagram account and seems to have removed posts that featured SB waving pistols around. But, the Internet is undefeated when it comes to saving damning evidence on entertainers so below is a six-minute video of Soulja Boy flashing pistols for the camera. Mostly his own camera in fact.

One of his more recent beefs involved Lil Yachty, who chimed in with a proper response once word got out that SB had been arrested. “Finally the Feds put the social media Al Capone to rest. For now at least,” he wrote on Twitter. Yes, Yachty, for now at least.