Stop The Madness: A Notre Dame Football Star Falls For An Imaginary Woman (#Catfish)

01.17.13 6 years ago 8 Comments

People are really out here falling in love with people they never met. I watch MTV’s show, Catfish, where you can see various people falling in love with made up people. When some are eager to be in love they put common sense to the side and hope they found true love online. People desperate for love will always be easy to fool. We should all take this as a lesson to not fall in love with emails/tweets/texts/phone calls and fall in love with a person’s actions and in person behavior.

If you met someone online and talk to them everyday, don’t wait months to see them in person. Also make sure they have 2 references, an Instagram account and Skype with them to be verified!

Check below for an episode of Catfish.

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