SZA Actually Got Drew Barrymore To Be In The Video For ‘Drew Barrymore’

Does anyone else get an Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind vibe from SZA’s new video?

Exploring themes like insecurity and questions regarding self-worth, especially when it cones to romantic entanglements, “Drew Barrymore,” from SZA’s CTRL album, is enough to put anyone deep in their feelings

In dealing with young love, it’s hard not to question everything you thought was true about yourself, as you try to see through the eyes of a partner, a crush, or a complete stranger. What we so often end up doing is projecting our own insecurities onto the opinions we decide other people hold about us. “Drew Barrymore” speaks to this tendency, with SZA narrating that internal monologue that we often mistake for dialogue, pleading, “Is it warm enough for ya inside me?”… and not receiving an response, to her chagrin. She apologizes for self-perceived faults, “I’m sorry I’m so clingy I don’t mean to be a lot,” then questions yet again, “Do you really wanna love me down like you say you do?”

The video depicts the sort of scenes that define relationships, from friendships to the more significant variety: The aftermath of a hotel party, the outdoor shenanigans of a gang of friends on a snowy night in New York City, hanging out late in front of the restaurant, not quite ready to go home and face the loneliness. SZA takes a moment for herself outside the goings-on and crosses paths with none other than the song’s namesake, with whom she shares a knowing smile. None of us are ever really alone, because we all ask ourselves the same questions; it’s when we ask them of each other that we truly find our answers.