SZA Tweets ‘I Actually Quit’ But The TDE President Laughs It Off

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Well this is perplexing. In a tweet that’s since been deleted, SZA told to the world that she’s finito, finished, and even thrown in the towel. There’s no context, but she’s supposedly calling it a career. To increase the intrigue, she told TDE’s prez that he can release her album…”if he ever feels like it.”

Artists get emotional. Hell, we all do. It’s part of the whole being human thing. Clearly TDE’s first lady is frustrated with someone — Punch probably — or something and she’s had enough of it. If she does indeed follow through on this and wants to be done, then God bless her but it would be such a shame. She’s an extremely talented woman but maybe its industry rule #5080 rearing its ugly head again.

Punch responded in kind:

Some men just want to watch the world burn I guess.

On the flip side, maybe this is just her venting. The problem with social media is every emotion is chronicled and Twitter fingers don’t come with a safety. Maybe she and Punch, or someone else, got into an argument about only God knows what or maybe she’s just having a bad day. We’ve all had bad days but the difference is not many of us bask in that limelight and are scrutinized to that degree. Hopefully everything is cool with her and it’s nothing too serious.

More on this as it develops and hopefully it has a happy ending. Clearly her fans aren’t feeling it.