Tee Grizzley Keeps His Hot Streak Going With ‘Win’

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When LeBron James gives you his golden seal of approval you’ve clearly got a good thing going, but when LeBron and Jay-Z bestow you that honor at the same time, you’re basically set for life. That’s what happened to Detroit MC Tee Grizzley a few months back, and he has taken that momentum and run with it all the way through the summer and now into autumn with his new inspirational single “Win.”

Backed by his go-to producer Helluva, Grizzley delivers another banger in his trademark style with soothing lulls that set you up for emphatic explosions of energy. It’s been a big year for him, with the Helluva-produced cuts “First Day Out” and “From The D To The A” with Lil Yachty making major headway and catching the ears of the world. Grizzley took advantage of the newfound fame, dropping one of the best albums of the year in My Moment. Those songs and the stellar debut earned him those aforementioned superstar co-signs and he’s kept up his end of the bargain with new bangers like “Beef” with Meek Mill and now “Win.”

Grizzley is taking his show on the road now for his first headlining tour, the Ain’t It A Blessing tour, along with OMB Peezy that will take him from coast to coast and everywhere in between. Check out “Win” below.

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