Tee Grizzley’s ‘Win’ Video Is His Rags To Riches Story Personified

Tee Grizzley is probably the current owner of the coveted “Your favorite rapper’s favorite rapper” crown, as his rapid-fire lyrics about gritty street life have captivated even the likes of Jay-Z and LeBron James. It’s easy to see why too, as Grizzley raps with a rawness that simply can’t be found anywhere else. He struck platinum with his breakout hit “First Day Out,” but is no one-hit wonder as he’s continued to toss out more potent material since then, including his stuffed to the rim debut album My Moment.

With all that momentum, most new artists might see that as a prime opportunity to take a break, enjoy a vacation and rest on their laurels, but not Tee Grizzley, as he’s keeping up the pace with a new banger to keep his run going. The 23-year-old Detroit native released “Win” a few weeks back, and he’s right back with an inspiring video to accompany the amped up track.

The visual depicts his own rags to riches story, contrasting his life now with his life before blowing up and moving into a mansion with half a dozen cars. Grizzley goes from a white tee and a Mustang to a Gucci jacket and a Wraith, quite literally.