The Game Announces His Final Album While Also Revealing He’s Headed To Jail

Next month marks the 12th anniversary of The Game’s debut album, The Documentary, and in those past 12 years, the Compton rapper has given us great music to shoot dice and stab to. Unfortunately, it will all be coming to an end soon when Jayceon drops his final album in the next coming months.

While performing in Russia recently, Game announced he’ll be penning his last album from a jail cell following an altercation with law enforcement. “When I get back to Los Angeles, I’m going straight to jail because I f*cking had a fight with a police officer and sh*t,” the rapper revealed.
“So I’m gonna sit down for a minute and write my next album, which is probably gonna be my last album.” Game says the project will be called The Westside Story and is going to be “some ill sh*t” to close out his career.

It’s not clear if The Game is referencing another incident with a police officer, but the 37-year-old rapper was arrested for allegedly punching an off-duty cop during a pick-up game of basketball last year. Game was arrested and booked on a “suspicion of making criminal threats” felony charge. He was released on $50,000 bail an hour after his surrender.