Kanye West’s ‘The Life Of Pablo’ Officially Went Platinum

Kanye West’s latest studio album felt like anything but a studio album, from the massive Yeezy Season 3 Madison Square Garden live rollout, to the constant tinkering he did to update the record even after it had been released. If Kanye’s on his way to changing the way we think about what constitutes an album, he’s still happy to rack up accolades along the way — and a recent Instagram post of the album’s platinum plaque indicates that West’s seventh studio album is doing just that.

Perhaps what makes Pablo‘s platinum status the most interesting, is the fact that the album was one of the first ones to be available solely on Tidal during its initial rollout. Well, unless you count the version that was uploaded to Kanye’s website and available for free download for a couple hours.

Of course, the album’s most talked about moment quickly became the Taylor Swift reference on “Famous” — which led to Kim K coming with the Snapchat receipts — but there’s plenty of other moments to recall on Pablo that don’t involve feuds. Like Chance The Rapper’s personal drive to get “Waves” on the album (that guy is never wrong), or mine and (probably your) personal favorite, “Ultra Light Beam.”

Say what you will about Ye, when the man hits, he hits. Congrats to all involved for the platinum status.