T.I. Calls Out Floyd Mayweather For His Continued Support Of Gucci On A New Song

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T.I. has called out the Floyd Mayweather on a new song. Released Thursday, “F*ck N***a” is the veteran rapper’s critique of the millionaire boxer’s financial flippancy. “Damn it must suck to be a f*ck n***a. Old greedy ass n***a only thinkin’ about himself.,” T.I. raps. “Can get the fame. Can get the wealth, but people is strugglin’. Who did you help?”

The song seems to have been prompted by a recent Beverly Hills shopping trip Mayweather made earlier in the week. As can be seen in a video posted to YouTube by TMZSports, Mayweather and his entourage paid a visit to the Gucci store in Beverly Hills. In The video, Mayweather chats with the TMZ camera man as he’s walking toward the store’s entrance. When the cameraman asks him if he is still supporting Gucci after the “whole controversy,” Mayweather appears to not know what the cameraman is referring to. After the cameraman fills him in about the recent boycott, the boxer replies, “Man, listen. I don’t got nothin’ against nobody…I’m not no follower. I’m gonna do whatever the fuck I wanna do…I’m gonna wear whatever the fuck I wanna wear.”

This answer, apparently, rubbed T.I. the wrong way. Over the course of the three-minute track, he scolds Mayweather for his callousness and calls on the famous boxer to do more with his abundant means. “See they say people are taking a stand, give you a chance, you showin’ yo ass,” he raps.

You can listen to the song here.