An Airline Joined In Dragging Tomi Lahren, Much To The Delight Of Wale And The Rest Of Twitter

Tomi Lahren could have become a sympathetic figure of sorts. The controversial The Blaze host was unceremoniously ousted from her job after her pro-choice views became known, a termination that led to a lawsuit that resulted in Tomi receiving control of her Facebook account but losing the rights to the videos that made her famous.

But Tomi has mostly been a problematic figure, viewed as racist or bigoted so there was little sympathy to go around, even with as troubling as her termination was. One of her most bitter online rivals has been Wale, after he put her name in a song and she objected by saying Wale should get her “fricken name right next time.” Wale responded by calling her Tammy, and thus began the trend of calling her names that most certainly are not Tomi.

Fast forward to Sunday night, when Tomi took to Twitter to complain about the service she received from Alaska Airlines, saying the “Most dysfunctional airline award goes to @AlaskaAir.” Well, the airline heard her complaint, and responded as business accounts usually do, by offering to discuss the incident via private message, except for one simple typo:

Whether Ryan from Alaska Airlines called her Tami instead of Tomi on purpose is besides the point, as the tweet lives on in infamy, with one certain rapper taking notice and clearly enjoying the swipe at his favorite TV host.

Wale wasn’t the only one who enjoyed the jab either, as Twitter erupted after Tomi got her comeuppance yet again, this time from the most unlikeliest of sources.

Alaska Airlines did eventually come back to mention that the mistake was a typo.

But fans of the tweet didn’t care, in fact they just wanted Ryan back to keep up the good work.