Tory Lanez Goes All The Way To Philadelphia To Take Shots At Drake

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08.10.16 3 Comments

Tory Lanez can’t make up his mind. He kind of wants to beef with Drake, but he’s also kind of his biggest fan and best emulator so he kind of doesn’t want to beef with Drake. It’s a fine line, and while the 6 God jabs at Tory, the man with the ugliest jumpshot in the history of man keeps returning fire, fan or not.

The latest shot in the Canadian rap-sung civil war comes from Tory and because Drake is more likely to respond to internetting than rap bars, it just might be enough to get him to toss a couple rocks back from his throne. Tory apparently headed to Philadelphia, a place Drake isn’t likely to be the most well received person, and goaded Drizzy, saying “real Toronto n***as out here in Philly, not them other guys.”

He never actually says Drake’s name, but Aubrey never really says anybody else’s name either so that doesn’t matter. In the next clip Tory jabs at him once more, “Unlike you I’m good in Philly.” Drake’s Summer Sixteen tour with Future makes its Philadelphia stop later this month, so we’ll find out just how welcomed he is in Philly then I guess.

Personally, I’m just waiting for the moment when Tory disses Drake with a Drake-like song, possibly over a Drake instrumental and destroys the space time continuum like when your future self comes into contact with your past self in a bout of time travel gone wrong. Any day now.

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