Watch Tupac Read A Heartfelt Letter To Jada Pinkett In This ‘All Eyez On Me’ Sneak Peak

With the MTV Movie Awards airing Sunday night, new morsels of information and sneak previews of films are leaking out thanks to MTV. One of the biggest of the night is this glimpse at the Tupac biopic All Eyez On Me, featuring a scene in which Tupac reads Jada Pinkett a love letter he’s written for her before he moves to the west coast.

It’s the longest uninterrupted look at the movie we’ve seen thus far, and gives some credence to the idea that Jada — played by Kat Graham — will have a somewhat major roll in the film. The exact nature of the relationship between Pac and Jada has never been defined publicly, but it seems the former high school classmates may have had some sort of romantic ties and it looks like that’s the way it will be portrayed in the film. Jada, of course, sent Pac a couple of exuberant letters of her own while he was in prison in the mid-90s, and they somehow went up for auction a few years back, so it’s neat to see Tupac reading her a letter of his own.

The biopic went through its share of turmoil while it was in production, but All Eyez On Me is officially slated for a June 16th release, the day that would have been Pac’s 46th birthday.