You Can Now Own Tupac’s Extra Raunchy Prison Love Letter

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For all the things he was known for, Tupac was very much a ladies man whose charismatic ways and handsome features made him a heartthrob. And, even though he had a sweet, sensitive side, a new letter that’s up for auction shows he sometimes skipped charming women with sweet nothings, opting for raunchier words instead.

The letter is set to hit the auction block soon, courtesy of Goldin Auctions, who hopes it will garner close to $25,000, per a report by TMZ. Other handwritten song lyrics, letters and poems from the legendary rapper have gone up for sale previously and other notes written to various women, including longtime friend Jada Pinkett-Smith, have been made public previously. But none of those can compare to this latest find, which borders on erotic fiction or the current equivalent of deep diving in someone’s DMs.

The letter, which can be read here, is said to have been penned while Tupac was locked away in 1995 and it’s a reply to a “passionate letter” he received from a woman of interest. Being cooped up in jail without a single woman in sight can create an oasis effect, one that ‘Pac clearly tapped as he poses questions like “Ever been tied to a bedpost and licked like a lollipop?” and “Do u know what a n**** could do with a cucumber, some baby oil and a full pack of condoms?”

No word on who the recipient of the letter was and if there was any payoff. If ever anyone thought the game he spit on “Whatz Ya Phone #” was a bit forward, he clearly surpassed that by a couple of levels with this letter.

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