A Previously Confidential LAPD Document Reveals That The Weapon Used To Kill Tupac Was Found In Compton

12.15.17 2 years ago 2 Comments

Tupac’s murder has been one of the most talked about cold cases in modern American culture — but it seems like everyone is doing their part but the actual LAPD and LVPD. There have been countless documentaries and movies made with people doing their own amateur investigation into what happened that fateful night, the most recent of which is A&E’s Who Killed Tupac? docu-series. While most of these shows tread similar ground, this particular show managed to reveal a previously unknown nugget of info: apparently the .40 cal pistol used in the murder was found in the Compton backyard of a well-known Crip.

The most practical theory revolving around Tupac’s murder is that he was shot by Crips after punching Orlando Anderson in the MGM grand after a Mike Tyson fight. One would think that the weapon being found in the backyard of a Crip would be a smoking gun for the case…but instead the LAPD sat on the information and made it confidential “due to the sensitive nature of the weapon recovery and the potential to alert criminal conspirators outside agency involvement.” In other words, they felt the announcement would incite more gang violence, considering that Suge Knight and most of Death Row Records were Bloods.

The document was recently unveiled by Benjamin Crump, a civil rights attorney and producer of Who Killed Tupac? The information surprised Tupac’s brother Mopreme Shakur. But it couldn’t have been too shocking, as it wouldn’t be the first example of LAPD corruption. Many believe the warts in their system, such as dirty cops working on behalf of gangs and criminal organizations, are a primary reason Tupac’s onetime nemesis Biggie’s murder wasn’t thoroughly investigated. You can see the TMZ footage of the clip here.

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