Twista Compares Kanye’s Issues To ‘The Smile Of A Clown’ In A New Open Letter

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11.22.16 3 Comments

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Chance The Rapper isn’t the only friend and collaborator reaching out to Kanye West following the producer’s nervous breakdown and temporary psychosis. Chicago rhymer Twister also reached out by penning a heartfelt open letter to the producer who gave him his first No. 1 hit 13 years ago.

Twista’s letter, posted on Fake Shore Drive, touches on the mental fortitude needed to not just survive but also remain both relevant and successful in the music business. The quick spitter explains Kanye’s troubles by comparing them to the ‘smile of a clown,’ writing, “A clown gets paid to make other people happy, even if that clown might be going through a mental breakdown, that clown can’t let the public see him cry or else he might lose the only job that helps him take care of his family.”

As it relates to the stressful music business, Twista adds that there’s an enormous amount of backbreaking pressure put on artists to “stay hot forever.” He says the the industry views cash as king and the longer an artist’s career lasts, the more money is made of their backs. It’s a kind of pressure Twista says comes from all sides, including “fans, record label, friends, family, bill collectors and the media” who want artists to “keep making hot music” and never become old news.

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