Ty Dolla $ign Finds Computer Love In His ‘Zaddy’ Video

Managing Hip-Hop Editor

Ty Dolla $ign search for the girl of his dreams turns digital in his new video for “Zaddy.” In fact, the roles get reversed of sorts as the woman who keeps calling him the new nickname he loves doesn’t appear to be a woman at all. She’s more of an android, constructed with the sole purpose of seeking and finding the singer.

The beginning of it all depicts this wonderful woman as she’s having her face attached to her head and charged up with artificial intelligence. She navigates her way through the world and the streets before ending up at Dolla $ign’s door before finally landing in his bed. From there, he takes over, acting out some of the song’s lyrics in the ways that he works to please her. While robo-sex may not be for everyone, the R&B charmer doesn’t seem to have a problem with it. After watching the video, certain aspects of the song begin to make a little more since. Like maybe it’s the fact that Ty’s lady has a mind like Siri, which may actually explain why she pronounces “daddy” the way she does in the first place.

Although the video’s a tad bit out of the ordinary, the song still serves its purpose, which is continue the strong push towards the release of Ty’s Campaign project, due out September 23.

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