Vic Mensa Takes Drake’s ‘Diplomatic Immunity’ For A Ride In His New Freestyle

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Vic Mensa just wrapped up a tour with Jay-Z, and released one of the best rap albums of 2017, but he’s clearly not resting on his laurels and basking in last year’s successes. The Chicago MC has gotten right back to work and doesn’t look to be slowing down anytime soon. On Friday, Vic was back at it in the form of a freestyle over one of Drake’s latest leaks, spitting an unfettered three-minutes over the haunting production of “Diplomatic Immunity.”

In what endearingly sounds like an actual freestyle at times, Vic hops between witty wordplay, clever punchlines, bold braggadocio, and even flips his flow and tosses in a few conscious bars that have become par the course for Vic.

Oh, and like Drake, Vic name drops rap’s biggest antagonist Joe Budden, rapping “Fake like it’s all Love And Hip-Hop shows til someone push the Joe button and you get punched in your face as a consequence.” But, unlike Drake, Vic was quick to nip any controversy in the bud, taking to Twitter to say “Shoutout Joe Budden.” Adding, “Don’t misunderstand me. That was not a Joe Budden diss.”

So, yeah, Vic is just having fun, flexing his lyrical ability a tad, not trying to start another online war between Joe and a rapper much younger than him. Take a listen to the track below

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