Video: Spike Lee Addresses Concerns Over “Chi-Raq”

Spike Lee recently released the trailer for “Chi-Raq” which got a lot of backlash from Chicago natives. Rhymefest stated Spike Lee owes Chicago an apology. Spike Lee decided to respond to some things critics are saying and show more footage from the movie.

“If I were to go to Brooklyn [Lee lives in New York] and grab one community leader and say I’m gonna make a movie called ‘Blacks Kill Blacks All Day in Brooklyn,’ and this movie is written by somebody from Chicago, I don’t think Spike Lee would like that. At the end of the day, I take issue with the name ‘Chi-Raq.’ The way the film was made in secrecy, and then Lee tells us to just trust him. That’s the story of Chicago. Everything’s done in Chicago in secrecy. That’s the politics of Chicago.
Full Story: Sun Times