Waka Flocka Clarifies His ‘Obama Isn’t A Real Black President’ Tweet

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11.01.16 5 Comments

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During his presidency, President Obama has done as much as he can to help the American people, specifically the black community. Recently, POTUS commuted the sentences of 102 federal prison inmates serving major time for nonviolent drug offenses, bringing his total so far to an insane 774. That’s more commuted sentences than all previous 11 presidents combined. POTUS also initiated the My Brother’s Keeper program to “empower boys and young men of color.”

While not specifically targeted to the black community, President Obama’s policies have benefited millions of black people by helping refinance student loans and home mortgages. More people have health insurance now due to Obamacare and he didn’t raise the taxes on the lower and middle income class.

Still, this means nothing to Waka Flocka, who has somehow replaced Ja Rule as the go-to rapper for when we need help making sense of our political landscape. The “Flockaveli” rapper caused a Twitter commotion on Tuesday by claiming President Obama wasn’t a “real black president.”

Waka later clarified his tweet by saying that he meant was he can’t wait for a “black president who is accepted by all who just happens to be black.” The rapper also went on a rant that did nothing to explain what the hell is he talking about.

“When will America get a president that don’t see race or money????, he asked on Twitter. “Equality and Freedom #WeDeserveIt. Why do we worry about others so much and not our own WHY. Being a millionaire is overrated but freedom is rare‼️ I lost so many friends and family members because of MONEY FAME AND GREED‼️ But never did I change. I just watched the people around me change up. Nobody got me like my supporters.”

I hate to dismiss Waka Flocka’s opinion as him just being high off that good stuff, but that’s what I’m leaning towards. Nothing gets you thinking way outside the box quite like a few pulls. Let’s hope that anyone who thought “hey, maybe he could one day make a good president” and wasted a vote on him reads Flocka’s latest rambling and quickly comes to their senses.

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