Watch The Trailer To The Documentary “Long Live The Pimp”

Long Live the Pimp is a riveting & definitive look at the life & times of Port Arthur-born rapper Pimp C. In this cinematic exploration into the life of Chad Butler, Complex and Mass Appeal detail his rise, his impact on southern hip-hop, and his untimely death. Featuring perceptive interviews with his closest friends, family and hip-hop contemporaries, the story is illuminated by rare archival footage and photography from throughout his life and career as one half of the legendary UGK. From Bun B to Nas, the story is studded with rap heavyweights who share their insight on the man’s legacy.

“On the Big Pimpin’ record, you know him and Jay and Bun, his whole style on that… Great raps by those dudes, they players…. But when Pimp got on the record, here is the entry to the pimp” – NAS

“I understood that he was destined for something great and I was just like you know what I know I’m alright with this music shit, he real good with this music shit, I’ma hold my n**** down and see how far we can get.” – BUN B

via Complex