About That Lit White House Party Dave Chappelle Talked About On ‘SNL’


Dave Chappelle appeared on SNL last weekend and mentioned a BET-sponsored Love & Happiness: An Obama Celebration party at the White House that had all the black folks and Bradley Cooper (?!) rocking out. Backing up Chappelle’s little anecdote is DJ D-Nice. The celebrity DJ had spinning duties at the shindig and did the Lord’s work by throwing on the 2009 unifying record everyone hated but now loves, “Swag Surfin.”

“Dave Chappelle mentioned this on@NBCSNL and I found it online. During my DJ set at the White House, @iamterrencejand I had the East Room Swag Surfin.#allthoseblackfacesandBradley #aNiceLife#BET”

I don’t know what White House parties were like before President Obama brought too much sauce to 1600 Penn, but that historic clip most definitely needs to find its way to the National Museum of African American History and Culture ASAP. It’s incredibly doubtful we’ll ever see something like that in the White House ever again. That’s unless, of course, Michelle Obama stops playing games with our emotions and run for office in 2020. But until then, this is as lit as it’s ever going to get.

And a side-note, Chappelle wasn’t lying about Bradley Cooper being in the building either. Television personality Terrence Jenkins co-signed Chappelle’s tidbit by sharing a picture of the actor at the party. “Dave Chappelle don’t lie, Bradley stay chillin lol.” Amazing. Who knew Bradley Cooper got invites to the cookout?