wifisfuneral Reflects On His Early Success With ‘Just A Year Ago’ Video

Every rising artist wants what wifisfuneral was able to achieve in the last year. He’s built up an organic buzz that made Black Heart Revenge, a free album with the option to purchase, hit no. 69 on iTunes. He performed at Rolling Loud festival in front of 15,000 people, and his online streams have reached well past eight million. As his life begins to change and his career takes shape, he reflects on it all in his new video “Just a Year Ago,” directed by Nassacre. Watch it above.

Even though the song and video, featuring Danny Towers on the hook and produced by Henry Daher, is meant as a celebration, this doesn’t exclude the hard times he went through in the last year. He raps, “Three months ago I just overdosed / Now these f*cking labels blow my phone tryna tell ’em leave me alone.” It’s only the beginning for wifisfuneral, too. He’s headed out on a nationwide tour soon to promote his latest album and continue building on what he was able to do in South Florida and online.

In addition to the video premiere, we spoke with wifisfuneral briefly about his unique name, the turning point in his career, and his future goals.

I love your artist name because it’s creative and original. What’s the meaning behind wifisfuneral?

The funeral part represents a period of time in my life where everything was negative. The wifi part represents being global. I want everyone to listen to my music.

The concept behind the song is a celebration from all you’ve accomplished in a year. When you look back, do you feel like there’s a definitive changing moment in your career?

I didn’t notice how many people f*cked with me until Rolling Loud Festival this year. 15,000 knew every word to “It Don’t Matter.” Then I dropped Black Heart Revenge the same month and announced a headlining tour. So May 2016 was when I realized this is getting real.

In a year, what are your goals you hope to achieve?

I want to challenge myself and my music to grow and mature as my fanbase and I mature. Really just growth all around. I’m young and my fans are young, but we’re getting older and smarter every day. I want my music to reflect that and not get stuck on the same shit.

Catch wifisfuneral while he’s on the road for his ‘Black Heart Revenge’ tour. Get dates, cities and ticket info right here.