This Police Wedding Proposal May Be The Worst Wedding Proposal Ever

Life Writer
12.11.16 7 Comments

Sticking a ring inside a red velvet cupcake or surprising her with a flash mob is no longer cutting it when it comes to great wedding proposals, apparently. A man decided to go all the way left-field with his proposal by having his girlfriend think he was about to be another black man dead at the hands of trigger-happy police officers.

In a video making it way through social media, police come speeding into a gas station before drawing their weapons and ordering the man to “get on the ground” and to give up his gun. A woman soon comes in and puts herself in danger by standing in between officers and the man. “Iā€™m his wife! Back up!,” she’s heard yelling to officers while protecting him. “I will get [his gun]. I will get it from him.” Rather than a gun, the man pulls out an engagement ring and proposes to the complete surprise of the woman and the applause of dozens.

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