This Police Wedding Proposal May Be The Worst Wedding Proposal Ever

Sticking a ring inside a red velvet cupcake or surprising her with a flash mob is no longer cutting it when it comes to great wedding proposals, apparently. A man decided to go all the way left-field with his proposal by having his girlfriend think he was about to be another black man dead at the hands of trigger-happy police officers.

In a video making it way through social media, police come speeding into a gas station before drawing their weapons and ordering the man to “get on the ground” and to give up his gun. A woman soon comes in and puts herself in danger by standing in between officers and the man. “I’m his wife! Back up!,” she’s heard yelling to officers while protecting him. “I will get [his gun]. I will get it from him.” Rather than a gun, the man pulls out an engagement ring and proposes to the complete surprise of the woman and the applause of dozens.

The newly engaged fiance in the police wedding proposal video is 33-year-old Daiwon McPherson, and the woman is his girlfriend of five years, Shawna Blackmon. McPherson tells The Shade Room that he had police involved with his proposal to show how much he’s “changed after years of hurting Blackmon.”

Blackmon says she was at the gas station after receiving a call from a friend who said McPhreson was “running from the police on his bike” and that she needed to rush over to the gas station so McPherson can “jump in the car” with her. “I was waiting for him to come so I can rescue him. When he pulled up, that’s when everything happened,” Blackmon explained.

Despite the good intentions, many feel it was “tactless” for McPherson to fake a potential police shooting to propose to his girlfriend. What with all the police-related shootings making the news and everything.

Well, at least McPhreson knows he has himself a “ride-or-die” woman beside him.