XXXtentacion Released Full Video Of His Alleged Fight With Migos’ Entourage

11.15.17 8 months ago

It looks like whatever happened between the Migos and former(?) rapper XXXtentacion just won’t go away. XXXtentacion first brought the incident to public light Monday, alleging that the Migos jumped him and that he was going to take the high road and “take it like a man” — which was followed by a full night of videos justifying the marks on his face, threatening the Migos, and bringing Offset’s fiance Cardi B into it with an odd Instagram post about “Bodak Yellow” being his favorite shower tune.

Yesterday, footage dropped which showed a member of the Migos’ entourage on top of XXXtentacion, which answered about as many questions about what happened as random footage of “Liftoff” — as XXX is calling Takeoff – walking up steps while people yelled at him.

Determined to have the whole world know he was jumped, XXX somehow retrieved security footage of the incident, which was posted this morning. The footage seems to corroborate his initial story that the Migos’ entourage walked up to him and jumped him for past disparaging comments about Offset. He then posted a picture of what appears to be two members of the Migos crew, one with a swollen eye and another with what he deemed “bald spots,” apparently taking credit for the damage.

Perhaps XXX gained some overnight clarity on who his real enemy is, as he apologized to Takeoff in an Instagram post “from the bottom of his heart,” telling him he was “caught in the crossfire of [his] bloodline,” and offered him “blessings.” Who knows if that comment was before or after he “banned” them from Broward County.


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