YG Was Surrounded By Police And Handcuffed For ‘Reckless Driving’

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YG caused quite a scene in the early hours of Sunday morning. A video captured by TMZ shows the “Go Loko” rapper surrounded by at least four police cars after getting pulled over in West Hollywood’s Sunset Strip.

According to TMZ, YG was on his way to perform at the LA nightclub 1 Oak for a special BET Weekend event when cops surrounded the rappers car. Police officers claimed the rapper was “speeding and weaving in and out of lanes.”

The LA County Sheriff’s deputies on the scene reported that the rapper was “upset and uncooperative and used profanities toward the deputies.” They placed YG in handcuffs after saying he was “riling up the crowd” that formed around the scene.

Several bystanders were upset with the onslaught of police, which eventually ended with YG’s release. “Why don’t you just shut up,” one officer said to an onlooker. “There’s absolutely no reason to go at it right now,” another officer said to a bystander who was intently questioning him.

The deputies on the scene administered a field sobriety test on YG as well as a breathalyzer test. YG passed both the tests and officers determined he was not under the influence. The rapper was cited for “reckless driving” and then was released.

The rapper made a comment about his love/hate relationship with LA on Twitter just hours before the his run-in with police.

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