Lil Xan Jokingly Gets A ‘New Job’ In Response To His Hip-Hop Ban

When Lil Xan — aka Diego — told Revolt that he thinks Tupac’s music was boring, he could have expected the outsized backlash from his peers and elders.

After all, anytime any new artist seems to hold anything other than a glowing opinion of rap canon, veterans like Waka Flocka Flame tend to lose their cool — even when they were targets of the same treatment themselves.

Fortunately for Xan Diego, he seems to be a pretty chill individual with a decent sense of humor about himself and has taken news of his hip-hop ban in stride.

In response to the unofficial enforced exile, he jokingly posted a photo to Instagram sitting behind a desk with the caption, “Had to get a new job since I’m banned from hip-hop.”

He’s all smiles in the picture, likely owing to the fact that his supportive fans probably aren’t too terribly worried about what Waka Flocka Flame thinks. Flockavelli came out eight years ago, when a sizable portion of Xan’s fans were in primary school, and Xan himself was only 13 years old.

Xan received a show of support from one unlikely elder, though; the 30-year-old Watts rapper 03 Greedo, who proclaimed “he didn’t say nothing wrong” before upping the ante by calling Tupac a “b*tch ass n—a.” It looks like rap’s next generation won’t be bowing down to their elders anytime soon, so it’s probably safe to say the genre and its rebel attitude are in decent hands.