Young Dolph Drops His All-Memphis Remix To ‘Get Paid’ With Juicy J, Project Pat, La Chat, 8 Ball And Gangsta Boo

08.11.16 2 years ago

How many Memphis legends does it take to make a good song? That’s the question Young Dolph set out to answer with the remix of “Get Paid.” The song is hosted by Miami’s DJ E-Feezy and as of right now doesn’t seem to be tied to any project. None of which matters, because E-Feezy and Dolph gave fans a song that most certainly should make its rounds for “best collaboration” song of this year.

If you’re even the least bit familiar with Memphis rap the names alone should make you excited to press play. In addition to grabbing Memphis legends like Juicy J, Project Pat, and 8 Ball, E-Feezy managed to also find both Gangsta Boo and La Chat for features. It’s an impressive collection of talent and everyone fits perfectly on the song.

As for favorite verses, 8 Ball’s gruff delivery and hard hitting lyrics might’ve stolen the show.

Hustle hard, young n***a all day
Hard work and staying sucker free is how you get paid 
Ain’t nothing free ‘cept trouble where I come from
N***a you ain’t hustling? that mean you don’t want nothing
Get up in the morning, n***a, like you tryna get something
Don’t hang around n****s that don’t wanna get nothing

Let the church say, “amen.”

(Via HNHH)

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