Young Nudy And Megan Thee Stallion’s ‘Shotta’ Video Is A Violent Gangster Fantasy

Young Nudy and Pi’erre Bourne’s collaborative album Sli’merre is out now and with it comes the video for their single with rap’s hottest rising star, Megan Thee Stallion. “Shotta,” co-directed by Young Nudy himself, depicts an elaborate, violent revenge fantasy that opens with a running shootout and ends with a home invasion and execution in revenge.

From the looks of things, the target of Nudy’s home raid is a shady lawyer who double-deals with his client, Nudy’s friend, and the police. After the young gangsters survive the shootout and escape at the beginning of the video, they return to the lawyer’s mansion with a bevy of beautiful women, setting him up to gain entry and collect his valuables before one of Nudy’s female partners finishes him off.

Megan’s verse is the highlight, along with Pi’erre’s hypnotic beat, as she snarls and boasts her way through a double-time verse that both establishes her desirability and her street credentials, threatening any potential challengers with her violently-inclined associates.

It’s not surprising that Nudy has revenge on his mind. The Atlanta-bred rapper was arrested in February as part of a raid on an old warrant, costing him $100,000 in bail and rolling up his cousin 21 Savage in the operation. That arrest led to 21’s current immigration troubles. Nudy probably isn’t too happy with the police or the legal system right now, but fortunately, he has rap music and videos to vent his frustrations and pay for the costly fees that have kept him out of prison.

Sli’merre is out now. Get it here.