‘Captain Marvel’ Furiously Mocks A Skrull In An Oddly Glee-Filled TV Spot

Captain Marvel will take the MCU all the way back to the 1990s, an arguably simpler time when Nick Fury rocked two eyes and made it known that he was a kitty cat fan. Boy, times have changed, but the throwbacks have been plentiful, from the Blockbuster video store seen in the first trailer to the revelation that Carol Danvers digs Nine Inch Nails. This energetic new TV spot, set pitch-perfectly to Elastica’s “Connection,” strikes a new tone, perhaps as a pushback to all those folks who said Captain Marvel should smile more, young lady.

Well, here’s what Marvel Studios presumably has to say about that.

Via Marvel Studios

That’s Captain Marvel imitating a Skrull’s screechy yell right before she unloads on him during a fight. It’s sheer fun, and so is Fury exclaiming, “That’s what I’m talking about!” One almost can even forgive his subpar joke about a Laser Tag costume, and Danvers is even seen laughing along with him, proving that, when she feels like it, yes, maybe she’ll smile. That’s her business.

In the meantime, Captain Marvel’s got work to do. After all, she’s dealing with an entire race of alien shapeshifters, which doesn’t even take into account (yet) that the whole Thanos problem lies ahead. Hey, it’s not easy being burdened with such glorious purpose so much power. Oh, and apparently, she can time travel as well, yet honestly, more movie trailers should be set to Elastica.

Captain Marvel swoops into theaters on March 8.