‘Infinity War’ Produces A Spider-Man Meme That’s Tearing People Apart


**Infinity War spoilers below**

**Please don’t look**

The numbers are in and Avengers: Infinity War had the biggest opening for any movie everglobally or domestically. Just about everyone bought a ticket to see the 19th Marvel movie, and astute viewers were able to spot an Arrested Development cameo among the dozens of easter eggs and changes to the trailers to throw fans off. Infinity War was an event. A cathartic, dorky event. It also elicited one of the most human moments in all comic book movies thanks to a Tom Holland improvisation.

That moment with Holland as Spider-Man, moments after Thanos snapped his fingers and made millions across the Marvel Cinematic Universe dissolve into dust, shook audiences to their core. Children wept, moviegoers were left stunned, and some of the more cynical people in the know wondered what the stakes were with a never-ending series of blockbusters still on the way.

But most were blown away by the acting of Holland as he grasped onto Tony Stark and said: “I don’t wanna go.” This moment led to heartbreak for most, and hilarious memes for all, because no one feels good, and no one wants to go. Especially Tobias Fünke.

(Via Mashable)