Todd Phillips’ Latest ‘Joker’ Photo Proves That Even Supervillains Need A Break

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On set. Five minute break. 📷 @nikotavernise

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These days, one need not rely upon paparazzi to publish confusing and/or teasing set images from highly anticipated films. Well, that still happens, but the filmmakers themselves also, and instantly if they desire, get in on that game. That includes Joker director Todd Phillips, who has had a circus of a time while Instagramming Joaquin Phoenix in various states of street attire (as his pre-Joker character, Arthur) before hitting the makeup (hard) and adding a wig to the mix. And after all that hard work, the Joker needs to settle in for a break, which is how the above image happened.

Simple, right? This is only Phoenix kicking back, feet up, with his slicked back hair and neon attire. It’s actually rather unnerving to see a clown so relaxed, especially considering that he’s undoubtedly resting during the course of carrying out mayhem or plotting more destruction. Granted, he’s not scaring the pants off people while lurking in the sewer, but wondering what the Joker thinks about during a “break” lends an additional enigmatic quality to this project.

And mystery may be exactly what lovers of comic book movies need, especially since this origin story isn’t the only Joker movie in production. Phillips previously revealed that he posts these images because “it bums me out” that the photo agencies consistently “put out their bad shots,” and he hopes that his “good” shots serve his films more productively. Speaking of which, we could use another look at what Zazie Beetz is doing with her character, so any additional offerings by Phillips would certainly be welcome.

Joker is currently scheduled to hit theaters on October 4, 2019.