The ‘Justice League’ Trailer Features A Slew Of References And Easter Eggs To Raise Expectations For DC’s Iconic Team

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03.26.17 18 Comments

The first official trailer for Justice League landed on Saturday and gave fans their first look at the team in action on the big screen. We’ve only united five of the seven, meaning we need a few more movies or trailers before we get a glimpse of the Green Lanterns or the only somewhat dead Superman. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t plenty of superhero fun flying around and riding on the top of your suped-up battle car as it is.

The trailer gave us a look at all of the things that we were teased about in our set visit back in the summer and then some. It also included a few more looks at the pieces previewed in the Comic-Con teaser footage, allowing folks to put it all together and figure out what type of movie we’re eventually going to see in November.

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