Movie Power Rankings: Director rumors rocket ‘Star Trek 3’ to No. 1

“Star Trek 3” has been looking for a new captain ever since J.J. Abrams decided to leave the Federation and join the rebellion against the Empire. After months of rumors, the latest buzz indicates that Paramount has finally settled on a replacement. Joe Cornish, who helmed the low-budget cult sci-fier “Attack the Block” and is a frequent collaborator with Edgar Wright, is reportedly the studio’s top choice for the coveted gig. Is he a good choice to direct? And how much input will Abrams have in the threequel?

As for the rest of this week’s list…

November 6, 2013

1. “Star Trek 3” (Last week: Not ranked)
Is the Enterprise crew about to get sillier?

2. “Ender’s Game” (Last week: Not ranked)
The adaptation of the controversial bestseller blasted its way to No. 1 in its opening weekend, scoring a solid $28 million. But it was Game Over for fellow wide openers “Last Vegas” and “Free Birds.” 

3. “Thor: The Dark World” (Last week: Not ranked)
The upcoming Marvel sequel will reportedly crossover with a future episode of “Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” Who didn’t see that coming? 

4. “Fifty Shades of Grey” (Last week: No 2)
Anastasia, meet Jose. World, meet Victor Rasuk.

5. “Star Wars: Episode VII” (Last week: No. 1)
Uh oh. Are they really rushing this thing after all this time? Or should we just put our faith in the force?

6. “Belushi” (Last week: Not ranked)
“Into the Wild” and “Speed Racer” star Emile Hirsch will play the ill-fated “SNL” pioneer. How will he look in a toga?

7. “Lone Survivor” (Last week: Not ranked)
Peter Berg’s Navy SEAL thriller will be released December 27, just in time for the Oscar race. Will star Mark Wahlberg take aim on an acting trophy? Taylor Kitsch, Eric Bana and the aforementioned Hirsch also star.

8. “Unbroken” (Last week: Not ranked)
Check out these behind-the-scenes pics of the WWII survival film written by the Coen Brothers and directed by Angelina Jolie. Bring a lifejacket. 

9. “Pet Sematary” (Last week: Not ranked)
Another week, another horror remake. “28 Days Later” director Carlos Fresnadillo will resurrect the Stephen King adaptation

10. “The Wolf of Wall Street” (Last week: Not ranked)
Martin Scorsese’s latest collab with Leonardo DiCaprio has moved to the Oscar-friendly release date of December 25 and is hoping that Investors will line up. 

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