Samuel L. Jackson Has Been Trolling ‘Captain Marvel’ Fans With Fake Spoilers

Marvel Studios

Tom Holland and Mark Ruffalo are two of Marvel Studios’ most notorious spoilers, but Captain Marvel co-star Samuel L. Jackson has been giving them a run for their money. This was especially the case when the Avengers actor “revealed” that Carol Danvers (Brie Larson) had the ability to time travel. These comments, which were made during a set visit, set the internet ablaze as soon as they were published. However, it sounds like Jackson simply made it all up.

Per ComicBook.com, Jackson admitted as much during an interview with Larson, Clark Gregg, and Ben Mendelsohn. “You just made stuff up,” Larson said while pointing at Jackson in response to a question from Kevin Ryder. “I made stuff up,” he confirmed.

The actor continued with his confession, noting that he trolled a bunch of reporters during an already-long day on set:

“I said she could time travel one time. [It] just jacked everybody up. [I] was just blowing smoke. It was actually a mistake. We were tired. It was the end of the day. They had a bunch of people on set. You know, those days where they bring […] reporters to set and you’re working all day and they want you to stop in the middle of the day to go talk to a table full of people for no reason.”

Touché, Fury. Touché.

Marvel Studios

(Via ComicBook.com)