‘Star Wars’ Chief Kathleen Kennedy Has Reportedly Confirmed That The Boba Fett Movie Is ‘100% Dead’


Earlier this year, news of a standalone Boba Fett film arrived as welcome news for Star Wars fans everywhere. Part of that excitement could count as a miraculous accomplishment for a character with such minimal screen time in Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi. However, even such an enduringly favorable vibe from the community wasn’t enough, for the (allegedly) short-lived bounty hunter reportedly won’t take a spinoff bow on the big screen after all.

This news shouldn’t appear to be sudden for anyone, given that Solo‘s underwhelming box office receipts led Lucasfilm to start restructuring its approach to shoveling Star Wars helpings into theaters multiple times per year. And it seems that the long-suffering Boba Fett — even though he may have actually survived the Sarlacc Pit according to canon, which would have freed him up for a repeat performance — effectively counts as a post-Solo casualty.

According to reporter Erick Weber, who spoke with Lucasfilm’s Kathleen Kennedy at a Black Panther pre-awards screening (according to The Playlist), the studio has shut down the whole idea of a Boba Fett film. It’s “100% dead” with resources flowing toward Jon Favreau’s upcoming Star Wars series, The Mandalorian, to restore the Star Wars universe to its former luster.

Of course, the question on some people’s minds was whether Boba Fett would have ever been well-served by his own standalone film. In the case of an origin story, Jabba the Hutt could come back as Boba Fett’s employer, which — let’s face it — may not have been the greatest idea, given the temptation to CGI Jabba into oblivion. Plus, it’s perhaps best to leave Boba Fett alone, as a man of mystery in a galaxy, far, far away. Lucasfilm is learning that just because something can happen, doesn’t mean that it should happen. And that’s a novel and refreshing approach in any universe.