Angel Olsen Is Joined By Sturgill Simpson For A Gorgeous New Duet Version Of ‘Big Time’

Angel Olsen’s Big Time is firmly entrenched on Uproxx’s list of Best Indie Albums Of 2022 So Far. It sees Olsen leaning deeper into her country music influences for an album filled with woozy strings and heartfelt songwriting. It’s an album about picking up the pieces of her life after both of her parents passed away and embracing her ability to love again after coming out as queer. She addresses the latter on the album’s title track and now, has released a new duet version of “Big Time” featuring eclectic outlaw country leading man Sturgill Simpson, and gosh darn it, it’s gorgeous.

Olsen opens up singing on the pedal steel-studded tune, before Simpson joins in giving new life to her lyrics. It builds masterfully into a downtrodden tale of the power of love, and they sweetly wrap up the tune singing together, “And I’m living, I’m loving, I’ve loved long before. And I’m loving you big time, I’m loving you more.”

“It’s crazy to write a song and then watch someone else you really admire sing your words; kinda turns the whole thing on its head,” Olsen said in a statement. “I loved the song already, but hearing Sturgill’s take on ‘Big Time’ made me smile ear to ear, he made it come alive on a different level.”

Listen to “Big Time” above.