Arca And Shygirl Unite For ‘Unconditional’ With Proceeds Benefitting Black Lives Matter

UK singer/DJ Shygirl has teamed up with experimental producer Arca for a softspoken anthem. The duo shared “Unconditional,” with 100 percent of the funds being divided between the charity organizations Black Lives Matter and Inquest UK.

Sharing the song on social media, Shygirl said that they weren’t originally planning on a release, but hopes the song “brings some emotional relief to at least one other person somewhere, as I have felt solace and strength in music always.”

Shygirl held a similar sentiment in a statement posted alongside the track on Bandcamp:

“I felt overwhelmed this week. Inundated with imagery and news that triggered emotions I was not immediately ready to deal with. I found myself reaching for a lifeline, a brief moment of reprieve to steady me before I inevitably returned to the news, the deep dive of personal reflection and to the protest.

Protesting reminded me that I wasn’t alone. The possibility that others might feel the way I do, even in the slightest, made me want to speak up and reach out, to provide something. I find both solace and power in music, so it’s in this that I have a resource to share. With the aim to build emotional strength and connections in this time of awakening, reflection and protest.

I wrote the lyrics to this song a while ago, originally thinking of love, family, betrayal and ultimately strength in adversity. It was only this week that I thought of this song again with everything going on. The emotion of the song still rang true but this time in a wider way, a bigger family, a deeper betrayal, a greater need for love.

It felt right to share this now and I hope it means something to you.”

The track marks another collaboration between Shygirl and Arca. The duo recently united for “Watch” from Arca’s forthcoming record Kick I, which also boasts features from Björk and Rosalía.

Listen to “Unconditional” above.

Kick I is out 6/26 via XL. Pre-order it here.