Avril Lavigne Praises Machine Gun Kelly’s Musical Evolution: ‘He’s Grown In The Most Authentic Way’

Pop-punk is alive and well, and one of the pioneers of the subgenre couldn’t be happier to see it thriving in a new generation. In an excerpt from Time‘s 2022 Time100 Next issue, Avril Lavigne shared some thoughts on one of her collaborators and favorite musicians, Machine Gun Kelly.

For the magazine, Lavigne praised Kelly’s musical evolution and growth over his decade-plus-long career.

“When he is performing, you can’t help but love him even more because he puts on such a good show,” Lavigne said. “You never know what he will do next. He might hang from a helicopter, climb up 60 feet of scaffolding, or zip-line across a stadium. He’s grown in the most authentic way, starting as a rapper and evolving into one of the biggest rock stars in the world. I have a lot of respect for him and how thoughtful he is with his craft.”

Earlier this year, Kelly appeared on Lavigne’s seventh studio album, Love Sux, on a song called “Bois Lie.” Lavigne also joined Kelly on his Mainstream Sellout tour, which took place across North America this past summer.

Avril Lavigne is a Warner Music artist. .