A Baby Was Legally Named Korn Due To A Hospital Mistake

Korn was a defining nu-metal group of the ’90s and ’00s, so there is probably a good amount of people out there who have gotten tattoos of the band. That’s a major way to pay tribute to a group, but not necessarily an uncommon one. Now, though, somebody has taken it a step beyond that by naming their baby Korn. The problem, though, is that while that baby is legally named Korn, the whole thing was actually an accident.

A new mother, an illustrator and video game developer named Kells Tate, went viral over the weekend after revealing that a mistake at the hospital led to her new child to be legally named Korn. Sharing a photo of the birth certificate that shows the child’s legal first name is in fact “Korn,” Tate wrote, “THE HOSPITAL MESSED UP MY BABYS NAME AND WE JUST GOT THE BIRTH CERTIFICATE AND ITS KORN MY BABYS NAME IS LEGALLY KORN.” That tweet spread and racked up over 138,000 likes since this weekend.

In a follow-up, Tate clarified that the name was supposed to be Kora and that thankfully, it shouldn’t be a major issue to update official documents to reflect the child’s intended name. Given this saga, Tate noted that she now knows a lot more about the band Korn, the word “corn,” and the name Kora than she used to. Tate also clarified that Kora isn’t named after the titular character from the Nickelodeon series The Legend Of Korra.

This situation should be resolved soon, as Tate has mailed the necessary paperwork to have the baby’s name officially corrected.

As for the band Korn, they have yet to address the child that mistakenly bears their name, but if they catch wind of the story, they’ll presumably be a bit bummed that “Korn” didn’t stick as the baby’s name.

Korn is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.