Bakar Offers An Intimate Look At London His New ‘NW3’ Video

In his latest music video, London rapper and singer Bakar allows us to see his city by way of his own lens. In “NW3,” Bakar is seen dancing on a rooftop as the sun sets. The camera then cuts to him enjoying a meal with friends, riding in the back of a car, and smoking in his home. By the end of the video, Bakar returns to the same rooftop as the sun rises.

“I’ve always been here to be an alternative for the Black kids that don’t fit in,” said Bakar of the visual in a statement.

The music video was directed by the duo Machine Operated, comprised of Nathan Taylor and Joshua Hercules who have previously directed clips for Rejjie Snow and the late MF Doom.

Bakar also said of the song, “I had moved to Hampstead, a nicer area. I had gone from the bottom of the hill in Camden, Chalk Farm, to being at the top of the hill. That’s a crazy thing to do from where I’m from. I guess the whole concept is me saying to a girl, ‘I think I’ve found the spot. There’s a whole new world up here, the top of the hill, it looks different. Come see it.'”

The name of the cut from his debut album, Nobody’s Home, refers to the UK postal code for Hampstead, London.

Check out “NW3” above.

Nobody’s Home is out now via Black Butter. Get it here.