Bartees Strange Was As Happy As ‘A Pig In Sh*t’ After Boygenius Brought Him Out For For An Epic Guitar Solo

Who said rockers couldn’t have a soft side? Boygenius’ latest tour stop smashed that notion into pieces. During their performance in Wilmington, North Carolina, the trio invited featured opener Bartees Strange on stage for a killer guitar solo after group member Julien Baker.

As the pair performed the group’s 2018 song “Salt In The Wound” off their self-titled debut EP, it was a beautiful meeting of musical worlds. As fans were blown away by the onstage moment, Bartees Strange was also taken back by the moment’s magic, writing on Twitter, “Did this really happen? Or did I dream this? A guitar solo with Julien Baker and Boygenius. I’m a pig in sh*t right now.”

Fans online were blown away by the performance cheering the musicians on in the quote tweets.

One fan wrote, “Bartees Strange and Julien Baker playing the ‘Salt In The Wound’ solo together. Huge day for people who are me.” Another chimed in to say, “Wow. Julien Baker / Bartees Strange is the combo I never knew I needed, but now I can’t live without.”

“Lovely. Just beautiful. And Baker and Bartees crashing on those guitars at the same time? So good,” penned one supporter. Another replied, “A proper rockstar.”