Bo Burnham’s Songs About Jeff Bezos Saw Significant Streaming Increases After The Space Flight

Bo Burnham’s latest special, Inside, has quickly become a career-defining moment for the comedian. That’s also true of the soundtrack album, Inside (The Songs), which became his first top-10 album on the Billboard Hot 100 chart when it peaked at No. 7 last month. A lot of the songs are relevant to certain aspects of our lives, and due to recent events, a couple of thematically fitting tunes from the soundtrack saw significant increases in their streaming activity.

Billboard reports that “Bezos I” and “Bezos II” — a pair of brief, interlude-like songs about Amazon founder Jeff Bezos — saw increased streams in the wake of Bezos’ trip to space. Bezos’ flight took place on July 20, and on July 20 and 21, “Bezos I” delivered 1.4 million on-demand streams in the US, which was up 22 percent from 1.2 million during the two days before the launch, July 18 and 19. “Bezos II” experienced a similar jump as it went from 263,000 to 304,000, good for a 16-percent lift. Together, the two songs were streamed 1.7 million times on July 20 and 21, up 21 percent from the 1.5 million streams on Jule 18 and 19.

No songs from the album have yet made the Billboard Hot 100 chart, but “All Eyes On Me” is currently No. 2 on the Bubbling Under Hot 100 chart. Meanwhile, “Bezos I,” “Look Who’s Inside Again,” “Welcome To The Internet,” and “All Eyes On Me” have all made it onto the UK and Ireland charts, while those tracks, minus “Bezos I” but plus “Goodbye,” reached the top 30 of the New Zealand chart.