Glory Days: A Bruce Springsteen-Themed Exhibit Backed By The Musician’s Archive Center Is Heading To, Of All Places, Boston

Over the past few months, Bruce Springsteen’s health has not been the best. In fact, Springsteen was forced to postpone a number of shows because of it, including his string of concerts in Philadelphia. Hopefully, news of The Folk Americana Roots Hall Of Fame’s (FARHOM) new exhibit centered around his extensive career will bring him some comfort.

Beginning on September 13, the Boston institution will display dozens of photos of Springsteen providing visitors with an intimate look into his journey through the industry. The exhibit, titled Bruce Springsteen: Portraits of an American Music Icon, is curated by the Bruce Springsteen Archives & Center for American Music and will feature the images captured by photographers Danny Clinch, Ed Gallucci, Eric Meola, Barry Schneier, Frank Stefanko, and his sister Pamela Springsteen; all of whom have worked intimately with the singer.

On FARHOF’s official website, the exhibit’s description reads as follows: “From the streets of New Jersey to the sunbaked landscapes of California, this career-spanning photo exhibit showcases intimate photographs of one of America’s most important musical voices. Through photos and interviews, this exhibit gives a unique perspective of Bruce Springsteen away from the sold-out arenas and in front of the lens.”

Public guided tours of the Bruce Springsteen: Portraits of an American Music Icon exhibit will begin on September 13. Find more information here.