Chvrches Share A Chilling Cover Of ‘Cry Little Sister,’ Part Of Netflix’s ‘Nightbooks’ Soundtrack

Soon after releasing their critically acclaimed new album, Screen Violence, which leans into a slasher motif, Chvrches are back with a chilling cover of Gerard McMann’s “Cry Little Sister,” which helps soundtrack Netflix’s new horror-fantasy film Nightbooks. McMann’s original, of course, famously soundtracked the 1987 film The Lost Boys.

“We were so excited to work on this project as we are big fans of everyone involved,” the band shared of making their cover. “Cinema — horror in particular — has always been a big part of Chvrches behind the scenes. We have talked about covering ‘Cry Little Sister’ for years and this seemed like the perfect moment to do it.”

The band also recently opened up to Uproxx about how the horror genre factors into their latest album. “Screen Violence was actually a proposed band name that we didn’t end up using,” Lauren Mayberry said about the album’s title. “So, we were thinking in summer 2019 of what we wanted to do and then that list of names resurface and that phrase just really jumped out of the page. ‘Cause we all love that, filmmaking and making a David Cronenberg-y take on it and the questions that he was posing. And even sonically, a lot of the instruments that we use and the composers and writers that we admire were working on those films. And then after writing a few songs, I think for me, it was partly talking about violence through screens and by screens. But also thinking about… It was not a concept record as far as it’s not about those things.”

Check out Chvrches’ cover of “Cry Little Sister” above.