Clairo Is Taking In The ‘Lavender’ Vibes Of Love On Her New Bandcamp Demo For Charity

Clairo has now shared a new demo titled “Lavender,” which she released through Bandcamp — and it’s going to a good cause, to benefit Doctors Without Borders. Right now, the song is only available to listen to or for a $1 purchase to own it on that platform.

The acoustic track opens with Clairo’s calming vocals, guiding the fans into her world.

“When I’m with you I’ll be alright / When I’m with you I’ll be alright,” she sings. “Once in a while, I’ll start to fall in love again / Only been some time, and so / I don’t know why I can’t let you go / ‘Til the break of day / ‘Til the night I sleep.”

“No one beats you, baby / No one takes your place from me,” Clairo closes out the track. She ends with a similar breathiness, keeping the romantic vibes present throughout.

Earlier this year, Clairo released another Bandcamp surprise song called “For Now.” As that one is also still available for a $1 purchase on her profile, it too goes toward a good cause, with the charities chosen being Everytown and For The Gworls.

She also has kept busy, including with her Beabadoobee collab on “Glue Song” which arrived in April. Basically, fans have a lot of music to love from her this year.

Check out Clairo’s “Lavender” here.