Coldplay’s Chris Martin Doesn’t Listen To His Own Music: ‘It’s Too Difficult’

A lot of people listen to Coldplay. Spotify notes they have over 37 million monthly listeners, and their two most-streamed songs on the platform, “Something Just Like This” and “The Scientist,” have over a billion streams each. Chris Martin probably isn’t one of those 37 million monthly listeners, though, as he has revealed that he doesn’t actually listen to his own songs.

Speaking with Apple Music’s Zane Lowe, Martin said:

“I don’t listen to things, really, after they’re done because it’s too difficult. It’s also… if I listened to it and thought it was amazing, I don’t know how healthy that would be for my ego, and if I listened to it, the most normal thing is I’d think it’s awful. It’s the same as when you hear your voice on an answering machine. […] I always love playing and singing the songs that we’ve released. First off, we have a song called ‘The Scientist.’ When we first did that, I thought it was amazing, the recording. But now if I hear it, I just feel like, ‘Oh, this is awful.’ But then if we’re playing the song… we were just rehearsing last week… Oh, I love… it’s so nice to get into the song. I think maybe it’s partly because while you’re working on something, you’re already inside those clothes and then as soon as you give it to the world, a mannequin fills those clothes. You’re not inside the song anymore, unless you’re playing it live.”

Check out the full interview above.

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