Dave Grohl Gloriously Brought The Repetitive ‘Best Of You’ Meme To Life On ‘The Tonight Show’

Between their successful albums, beloved singles, and upcoming induction into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame, Foo Fighters have cemented their place in rock history. The band also has a notable place in meme history. Back in May 2005, the band released In Your Honor highlight “Best Of You” as a single, and it went on to become their highest-charting song in the US, a title it still holds today. A few years later, in 2008, some internet hero shared an edited version of the song’s music video, which they modified so Dave Grohl repeatedly shouts “the best” for minutes. The meme was a memorable one, so much so that Dave Grohl has finally re-created it in real life.

Grohl joined Jimmy Fallon yesterday to co-host The Tonight Show, and on the program, Fallon and Grohl discussed the meme. Fallon then convinced Grohl to perform it live. So, backed by The Roots, Grohl grabbed a guitar and started singing “Best Of You.” When it came time for the iconic hook, though, instead of going through the song like normal, he did as the meme does and repeated “the best” over and over, with Fallon jumping in to alternate lyrics with Grohl, presumably to save Grohl’s throat so it wasn’t toast for the rest of the show.

What happened last night is a tremendous moment in meme history, so check it out above.